Wednesday, February 11, 2009

BFF & Other Ramblings...

This little monkey in the pic above is my BFF. She's a little homesick right now, as she has made the move from Belleville to Kingston to take on a fabulous new job and live with her wonderful fiancee. So, in light of her homesickness, I will make a few points as to why this girl is like a kindred spirit to me.
  • We've experienced loss in different forms together.
  • I can cry, laugh and act like a goof and she doesn't judge me.
  • She is more than giving and has a huge heart (even though she's super little!)
  • Even though we're miles apart, I feel no difference in our friendship, even though we used to see each other everyday.
  • She makes me laugh hysterically, to the point where I am not sure if I'll ever breathe again. (If you ever see this girl, please be sure to ask her about Chapter's and Bankers Boxes!)
  • She is a spiritual soul.

I can really go on forever. Thank you, Lis, for being my BFF.

Oh my heart. *blink, blink*


So, the mice have disappeared. Caught three and have not seen one since. Thank goodness. My cat is a mouse snob, I cannot begin to tell you. *sigh*

Had to make a quick trip to the local hospital last night as I have phlebitis for the 2nd time. All is good, though. The doc seemed to think my flight home was probably to blame.

I am super stoked for House on Hill Road's Yellow Week coming up next week. I need to get snappin'!

The grandparental units are ready to move at the end of next week! They are really excited.

Off to Belleville this weekend to make some long weekend visits. I would like to extend a big thank you to the Ontario government for our newest holiday! Love it!

I would like to buy these...with the anticipation of spring/summer! I know you're out there, good weather!

I need to pay a visit to this fine store in the very near future.

This is cute, as is this!

In closing, I would like to announce that my reading of the famed Twilight series is coming to an end. I have a 1/4 of Breaking Dawn to finish and I have to say I am a little sad. I am looking forward to the DVD release in March. I did promise myself that I would not see the movie until I read the series. I have, however, snuck a few peeks at Edward (Robert Pattinson). Not bad. My husband is way better, though, and thankfully not a vampire. *wink*

The rain is beating on the roof and my husband is cooking up some pasta, so I am on my way.




sophie said...

BFF sounds so sweet, you are lucky to have her, sorry she is miles away, I too have a dear friend who is a long way from me (geographically) but still so close to my heart!

Anonymous said...

i also love those anthropologie shirts! they are always on with their clothes and home stuff...i love almost ALL of it!

Rebecca said...

Hello hello, Thank you for all your fun comments on my site! I would recommend making a double recipe of jumbo rice krispie treats for ANY occasion. :) I am sorry to hear about your BFF. Being one who moves alot, I know it is a very hard thing, but makes visiting that much more exciting.

I must say I <3 Anthropologie as well.