Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Random Schtuff...

It's hump day and I this week seems to be going by so fast. I still feel like I need a vacation from our vacation. I feel tired and still have the remnants of the cold I caught from the masseuse at the resort. Good times. I just want winter out of here. Scram! I have spent little time in the room space, my lil' studio of sorts. This is going to change.
Life is busy, as it always is. Laundry is nearly caught up, unpacking is complete and we are making progress cutting down on our winter mouse population. Being both huge animal lovers, Trev and I tried repellant techniques that did not involve the trap...sonar, etc. No go. So, every night we set traps and unfortunately have to deal with mouse death every morning. I simply cannot have mice in the house. After further reading, I am also understanding that they can do severe structural damage, aside from the diseases they carry. So that is that.

My Nana & Grump are moving in 2 weeks. Wow, not far away at all. They have purchased their new appliances for their new pad and them seem incredibly excited to settle into their new home. Over the next few weeks, the family and I will be moving things here and there to clear the house out.

My bro is getting married to his fabulous lady on May 29th! I am just thrilled for them both!

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Shona~ LALA dex press said...

AH! A new studio space (well, newly redesigned space) how exciting. I almost love the setting up of a space more than using the space. ALMOST.

I watched a show on non-toxic methods for pest control and they said the most non-toxic and BEST deterrant for mice and rats is a cat.