Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Searching for Inspiration...

I am officially a hostage of winter's miserable vortex. You know, the vortex that sucks you in, stripping you of your ability to make things and get creative? And I know it's not just me. In the blogging community, I am seeing a lot of people suffering from my very situation. And I can't say that I haven't made an effort. I have even bought supplies...some cool pendants, felt, paint...anything to make me run home and make things! Trev says it's the weather and I have to agree. This is coming from someone who also likes to do things; get into a project. Hmph.
I have posted some pics of what I think are some mood lifters:
  • I am starting some ivy (I have another growth on the go elsewhere) and also found this lonely bulb (probably unearthed by a pesky squirrel). The bulb is shooting up like gangbusters, much to my delight.
  • I adore peacock motifs. I found this bracelet at Aldo.
  • I had this funky branch/bird/nest pendant on another necklace, but it was too short. I located some matching large chain at Michael's and created a longer necklace. Not my most creative endeavour, but now I can wear it! The green beaded necklace I picked up at Superstore. They had 75% off their jewellery and I picked up the two necklaces for $2.99/pair. I thought it would look swish with the peacock bangle.

I am off to resume my Gilmore Girls Season 4 marathon. It's hard to believe that I really didn't like that show to start off with.

Happy Wednesday!


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