Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Week of Yellow ~ Day 3

Again, kudos to Erin over at House on Hill Road. A dreary, rainy and even snowy day here in the Grimz and this little project brought me a smile.
Day 3 of Yellow Week brings you the following pics above:
  1. I picked up these rubber ballet flats from The Real Canadian Superstore up the street from our house. They were 97 cents each and I love them. I pretty much love everything from Joe Fresh, so I try to stay away from the store at all costs. I also have a silver pair, but they didn't make the photo shoot. They're great for gardening or for a rainy day.
  2. Carol and Dad's snow pusher. I would love to elaborate, but it would involve talking about snow and who wants to do that?!
  3. Yellow pick-up truck in Dad's model collection.
  4. My husband picked out this yellow piece. I wish I had been able to zoom in on it, but it's a Support our Troops decal. Very appropriate, as we were driving along the stretch of Highway 401 that is named the Highway of Heroes. Canadian soldiers that have fallen, fighting for our country, are flown into CFB Trenton from overseas. A repatriation procession makes its way to Toronto. This is an idea of what the procession looks like. And this.
  5. Yellow road paint.

I am getting ready for a spring overhaul. There is so much to do:

  • Organize paperwork, old bills, etc.
  • Get tax stuff together
  • Fix the downstairs "throne"
  • Give the house a decent's been weeks!
  • Rake some of the leaves I didn't get to in the fall
  • Find the rest of the pool table parts (we have been hunting for them ever since we moved!)

I won't bore you with the rest! I can guarantee the weekend will be spent doing most of what is on my list!

I leave you with a few things to check out:

Acorn designs are super cool. This Etsy seller has the coolest things.

Leya's boots are awesome.

I always come back to this site to check out their unique things.

My favourite magazine.

Love it. Love it. Love it. Made me chuckle.

Have a lovely evening!


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Dawn said...

Hi Amy - Thanks for stopping by the blog!
So cute those yellow shoes! They have not made it here to Nova Scotia yet!
This is my first experience with shoes, clothes, etc... at the grocery store and as we say around here... "It's just WRONG!" I love the JOE stuff too and get into way too much trouble buying stuff for the kids... and sometimes for me too!