Monday, March 23, 2009


Soooo, I turned 32 today. And I am okay with that. More than any other birthday, though, I have been reflecting on stuff. My mind is still muddled with thoughts, so perhaps I'll post on those reflections in a later blog.
Today, my workplace was kind enough to allow me the day off in lieu of the usual gifts they give everybody. I was super thankful.
I got up, picked up some new mats for my car, had a fantastic lunch with my grandparents, shopped a bit and came home and cleaned my car.
I also took a few shots today. I potted some ivy that I had spouting in water for a while. I also captured our animals: Molly (cat) and Cecilia (mutt). I really cannot believe how they are less like animals and 100 percent family.
I hope you all had a fabukous Monday. I know I sure did.


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday!!! My friend Anna says that nobody really gets started in life till 35, so everything under that is very young ;)

Anonymous said...

I really felt very reflective last year when I turned 31, but I think I will like 32 even better, those even numbers just seem a little friendlier to me.
I hope 32 will be a very happy year in your life!
Happy Birthday Amy!!!!

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

wow! I'll take a day off over an office B-day party with cake any day!

Glad you had such a relaxing day

SAMANTHA said...

Happy Birthday Amy,
This is the one day of the year you are allowed to guilt-free spoil yourself!

sherri said...

happy belated birthday!

leya said...

happy belated birthday! 32 has treated me well so far.