Saturday, March 7, 2009

Simply Saturday...

So, it's Saturday. Ahhhh...
I got up at a decent time, ate, made some cupcakes (that are questionable at best, but we'll see after they cool) and am getting ready to make the travel with Trev to see great friends. But before we set off, I wanted to get some little things done, drink some tea and blog a bit.
I am half done the poop meters. Yes, poop meters. I will post the pic once complete, but you may want an explanation now. Here goes.... My aunt, Kerry, drops her little Yorkie, Bashie, off at my grandparents for a day of dog sitting. It's a perfect set-up. My Nana & Grump adore Bash and he loves them...a lot. Very win/win. Kerry's work schedule may have her start work earlier than when my grandparents get up in the morning or perhaps my grandparents are out and about when Kerry drops Bash off. It is important to know whether Bash has done his business or not and the poop meter was invented. The original was created by my grandmother on a piece of cardboard, but it's seen better days. I scored two wooden doorknob signs, which I have painted. Since Trev and I have a similar issue with our dog, Cecilia, I created one for us, too.
I need to whip up some wearable treats for my two friends that I will see tonight and if I have time, I have a sweater that I need to alter. It's pretty funky, and I will post the pic of the before and after this week. Oh, and I have an unfinished wooden tray that I am desperately wanting to paint! It will be perfect for carrying goodies out to the deck this summer! Yay!
Before I go...check this out. I located a posting on The Small Object that lead me to this. Can you believe it!? What an art!
Enjoy your Saturday!

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amy korngiebel said...

can't wait to see the finished product!