Sunday, March 1, 2009

Create a Life Worth Living...

Urban Organica tagged me to create a life worth living...of course I would participate!

The deal?

I am to start 20 years from now (2029!) and work backwards to today (2009). It is not necessarily a list of goals, but a playful list of things you may or may not be doing 20 years from now. Very cool assignment, I believe!

2029 ~ I have my own successful boutique here in the Niagara region...after having children and jobs where I answer to people, I thought I could my talent to better use. Better late than never!

2028 ~ Trev and I are hanging out at a chalet in Switzerland...I have always wanted to enjoy hot cocoa with a view of the Alps, with my sweetie.

2027 ~ Trev and I celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary! A trip to Australia? Sure!

2026 ~ I am finally a gourmet cook. It took awhile, but I'm there!

2025 ~ My kid is 16. Goodness.

2024 ~ I have finally read Persuasion and Pride & Prejudice...books I have always wanted to read, but never think to sign-out at the library or purchase.

2023 ~ My aunt finally posts to her blog: Boo Blog. The world rejoices.

2022 ~ A trip of a lifetime is made to Egypt.

2021 ~ The world is at peace, no one discriminates, racism abolished and everyone, around the world, eats at least 3 meals a day with clean water to drink.

2020 ~ I finally take a yoga class and stick to it.

2015 ~ I am heavily active in the Hamilton community...supporting the arts and making my voice heard on issues I feel stongly about.

2010 ~ Trev and I have a little one. One of coolest experiences of my life.

Thank you, Urban Organica!


sherri said...

hey - tried to comment earlier but our server is screwy today. anyhoo- love this post/idea and love your blog! thanks for stopping by the claw and sending bloggy luv my way, I'm adding you to my blogroll asap!

Little Miss Evie said...

LOL...I like this post. Sounds like a good life to me. I may be able to help you read Jane Austen earlier though...I have a copy of her complete works you can borrow. :)

K @ Blog Goggles said...

These are great - what an interesting idea. Can I tag along on your Egypt trip??