Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Green Week ~ Day Two

I am home from a very long day at work, but could not miss posting for day two of Green Week! Please head on over to Shining Egg for more green posts!
Today, I am featuring a dragonfly gift card that I framed and my green vinyl treasure box. I scored it for $7 at a barn flea market in Bloomfield, near my old stomping grounds. If you ever tour Prince Edward Counti in Ontario, please be sure to visit there. So many fabulous shops and places to eat. Mmmmm...eating. My plate is in the microwave. I cannot wait to dive into a plate of homemade mac and cheese from my Aunt Kerry and Uncle Hook after a long, long day.
Hope you all had a great Tuesday...

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Catbird said...

That treasure box is awesome. I love thrifting.