Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Feaster!

Happy Easter, all!
Yesterday (Saturday), Trev and I trekked to Niagara Falls to enjoy an awesome visit with Ma & Pa Goddard (my in-laws!) and Tammy & Elias (my sister-in-law and her fella). We munched on a wonderful feast a la Ma Goddard and spent the rest of the evening visiting. It is so great to be close in proximity to them...Niagara Falls is only 35-40 minutes away from our door.
Ma Goddard is the keeper of all things vintage and antique...truly phenomenal. Her family
owned a workingman's supply store in West Hamilton for generations. They kept a lot of things and when the time came for Ma to pack up the family home/store, many of the items came home with her. I came home last night with beautiful crochet work, embroidered pieces, and linens that were crafted by her Aunt and Grandmother. I have no words, but I will feature the pieces in a later post and you can see for yourself!
While we were sent home with a yummy Easter feast care package, we also brought home handcrafted canvas bags (made by Ma!) and vintage buttons! *squeal!* I see some fabric paint on those bags and those buttons on a funky necklace...
This evening, we head up "The Mountain" for another Easter din with my Grandparental Units, my Aunt Kerry and her dude, Uncle Hook (Jeff). There is nothing like time spent with your family...
Until the next post...

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