Monday, May 25, 2009

Blast from the Past...

Both of my parents are getting stoked for upcoming reunions and it's rather exciting to watch unfold. My high school recently hosted a reunion, but I wasn't too excited to go, because it's only been 10 years now and I truly believe there needs to be a good 20 or 30 years before the mystique really builds up!

My parents, who have since split and have married awesome peeps, met each other at Canterbury High School in Ottawa, Ontario. But before that, my Mum attended a few schools (my Grump was in the Canadian Navy), and Kindley Air Force Base in Bermuda was one of these schools:

My Mama is in the bottom row, second from the left. This is from the Kindley A.F.B. yearbook and the year was 1969.

I am not too sure what year this is (70 maybe? I know Dad or Mum will help me out here), but these are my parents at Canterbury. Mum is top middle (Laura Smith) and my Dad is bottom middle (Shayne Switzer). Hilarious!

My Uncle Tom is the top left in this bad boy yearbook page.
This was 1969 at Kindley A.F.B.

Uncle T again, but in 1968 at Kindley. He is the first photo, third row down.

My Mum's best friend, Brenda (Auntie Brenda to me) also went to Kindley and also to Canterbury. Darn Navy brats! She is in the last row, second photo in.

I cannot wait to hear Mum and Dad's stories! Dad's reunion takes place this coming weekend (May 30th/31st) and my Mum's Kindley reunion will be kickin' it Texas-style next March (2010).


sherri said...

I haven't been to mine yet, I think I will go to the next one - 25th (yikes!).

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Not feeling the mystique of the soon approaching 20 year reunion. I was living in Tennessee at the 10 year mark, had no desire to fly back to L.A. + the few friends I still keep in touch with were on assignment to give me updates but not tell the reunion committee where I was- happy to hear I was among the "whereabouts unknown" alumni!

me melodia said...

I love this.
You've inspired me to revisit my parents yearbooks.

Modern Crush said...

Oh how funny! I love old pictures of my parents too! Oh my dad was a surf bum in Hawaii with long long hair - too funny. Thanks for sharing some of your family history with us Amy!

Anonymous said...

I attended high school at Kindley AFB. Class of 1969. Your uncle was in my class. I knew everyone in your mother's class of 1970. It was one of the best ever at Kindley. Cool....David Goetz