Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Handbag Ho

Sorry if I offend, but there really is no other name for it.

I am a handbag ho. But I assure you that's where the ho-ing begins and ends.

I will be hosting a little project over the summer of 2009. I'll dub it HH. If you're an HH and wish to play along, please comment below. I will link you on the left of my page!

It's simple to play:
  • A love for handbags is compulsory.
  • Everytime you switch your handbag, you post it on your blog.
  • You can play as often or as little you like (there are no set days or weeks), but let's face it, if you're truly an HH, you'll have a new jewel on your arm on a very frequent basis.

The little gem above was purchased for me by my BFF, Lisa, who I miss dearly. I wonder if she still has the corduroy bag that she bought the same day she gave me this one? Hmmm...


1 comment:

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

if only I switched by purse out more than twice a year. I have just switched to this one, ya know, for the warmer months