Friday, May 15, 2009

What a fine, fine day!

I went up the mountain today to have lunch with my Nana and Grump. As previously posted, it's Nana's 77th birthday today and Grump and I had a shopping appointment to uphold.

My awesome grandparental units at their new home in The Village.

Just after I snapped the shot of my Nana and Grump, the Lancaster flew overhead, and I was lucky enough to get a photo. To learn more about this historic aircraft, please visit here and here. Oh, and here.

I treated myself today...*squeal!* I finally have Molly's book! I think I will spend the weekend delving into the pages.
Oh, and I had to buy these $4 jelly gladiators in funky red/orange (and I bought a black pair, too, ahem). Yes, jelly shoes. I do not think I have worn jelly shoes since I was 12. They are actually quite far...

This weekend is the May long weekend for us Canuck folk. My camping will be done in-house as I believe my days of camping in cold, damp weather are over. I would much rather drink a beer on my deck and jump in the hot tub. But to those who are braving this notoriously frigid weekend, I hope you have fun and stay warm!


sonrie said...

sounds like a fun day - you are lucky to still have your grandparents around... and I have been seeing a lot of that book lately. I just might have to get my hands on a copy.

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Love the new banner.

You are going way back, gladiator + jelly!

Last weekend I had a freak-out moment in a mall. I had not been in one for yeeeeears, walked into a store that was playing The Cure's "Hot Hot Hot" (saw then on tour for that album in high school) AND everything was neon! I called Tom and said, "I'm in a high school!"

Modern Crush said...

Oh I really want that book too - I have been hearing great things!

me melodia said...

I like yer jellies.
I have the same pair in clear. I left them in the sun and they turned blue-ish now. :/