Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Life As of Late...

In an earlier post, I promised you photos of the nuptials of my brother Nick and his beautiful bride, Kari! I am so stoked to have such a lovely sister-in-law. Kari is such a warm person, so bubbly and happy!

Congratulations again to these two....and thank you for a beautiful evening!

Kari's dress was perfection! The beadwork in the dress was phenomenal and it fit her like a glove...

...the newly married couple!

Kari's beautiful bouquet! The colours were perfect...

Finally a complete family photo!
Clockwise, from L to R (starting at the back): our dad, Shayne; my sister-in-law, Alanna; my 2nd mum, Carol; the groom & my brother, Nick; the lovely bride and new sister-in-law, Kari; my oldest brother, Hercules; myself; my hubby, Trevor; my littlest nephew, Oscar; my niece, Kaia; my Boppa Pearson; my Nana Pearson, my niece, Destiny and my nephew, Max!

My brother, Nick; my hubby, Trev; myself and Kari!
In other happenings, in point form, of course!:
  • My Nana should be out of the hospital today or earlier this week. She is feeling well, but has a long road of further testing to figure out why she's had these silly chest pains.
  • My hubby is off to Yellowknife, NWT today, for work purposes, and will be back on Friday. I wish I was with him! I would love to experience Arctic life.
  • I wish I could have seen this colossal beast fly into Toronto yesterday, but was committed to a root canal instead! :-)
  • With inspiration from Barbara @ IndianaBlue, I took a tour through the beautiful clothing of Pretty Raccoon from Toronto. I bought this awesome shirt!
  • This afternoon, I am planning to create two neck pieces... one for Rebekah of the soon-to-come Torched and the other is for Georgia of Modern Crush! Yay for giving presents! I will be sure to feature Rebekah when her site is up and running. She makes the most incredible glass beads and rings...a real talent. Speaking of talent...please be sure to check out Georgia's crowns...truly one-of-a-kind.

Have a lovely Tuesday, people!


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Julia said...

How beautiful! She does indeed make a lovely bride!