Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cheap Organizing

I have always been organized. I believe I came out of the womb this way. Through the years and especially since I met Trevor, I have become more lax and not so anal about everything being so neat.

A few months back I spotted this red vintage train case at Value Village for $3.99. It was super clean and in mint condition, so I scooped it up. I have always wanted a vintage train case and the colour red could not have been more perfect.

But over time, the beloved case became a mess of product that I could not make sense of...

With the aid of 4 plastic storage containers and a zippered make-up bag from the dollar store, I made the case more organized. Two long containers sit on the bottom, two square containers sit on top of those and there is space to the right for taller items. I poked holes in the make-up bag and tied it to the underside of the lid. This is perfect for q-tips and make-up sponges/pads that you want to keep super clean.

Now off to organize my husband's closet. And I'll probably post on this too. It's super nasty!


Modern Crush said...

Oh my gosh Amy - what you just described is exactly me! I was sooo organized before I got married and then... I dont know what happened! I think other things are more of a priority in my hear, ie: family time, cooking etc. where before I would just spend my time organizing out of choice. Funny, he went away for a long weekend recently, and in that time I had things so much more organized than usual - my brain was clearer and I could hear my thoughts better. Then he came home and all that went away... Ahh what we do for love!

amy @ switz~art said...

It's true! I am thankful to be rid of my anal retentive ways...partially! Ha, ha!
I do feel a sense of clarity when things have a place, though...