Sunday, July 26, 2009

Creepy Vintage Advertising...

A friend on my Facebook posted a series of similar ads from days gone by. Some made me laugh, others creeped me out. Like "clown" creepy....take a peek:

Something out of Dr. Seuss?

Creepy kid.

Ronnie hawkin' some cigs.

The only foam that has cheered me up is a foam bar in Mexico.


Well, I usually go for coffee or tea, but if Mornidine is your schtick, then whatevs.
I'll be back this week with less of these and more creations o' mine!
Happy Sunday Late Night...



Oooh luv these...creepy but FAB!
My background Advertising...
Have a lovely new week!

me melodia said...

Oh I love the turnip beat man thing.
I just love anthropomorphic food stuffs.

Happy Monday!

sonrie said...

it's like they are trying to be clever, but just end up kind of scary.

Modern Crush said...

Um. Wow. Those... sausages. Huh.

And oh good - now she can cook YOUR breakfast again (says the man). Ha!! Good ones Amy!