Friday, July 3, 2009


I've been a bit of a bad blogger as of late, but have a few gems up my blogging sleeve lately. I've been rather disorganized, but am using this weekend to get super focused on finding a job, getting some daunting cleaning-related chores done around the house (windows...yuck...) and some other odds and ends.
I have had some lil' projects hanging around le studio for awhile, and tackled some of them last week. I made a felt-lined bead tray (super for keeping beading projects from sailing across tables), gave my paint brush canvas storage roll a spiffing up and added some more colour to a faded outdoor flag that I cannot part with:

Treasures from our travels to Mexico (x4) and Greece found new display homes in
three Mason jars:
Tonight's itinerary included a lovely dinner at Lina Linguini's with my man, a quick visit to my in-laws in The Falls and a fresh toenail paint job...

...and a tasty fudgesicle while I waited for the toes to dry...

...Molly really, really likes ice cream but since this was chocolate she had to watch with no reward. Sorry, cat.

Before I retire to slumber, I want to wish all of my American friends & family a very
happy and safe 4th of July holiday!


sonrie said...

it's always a good day when there's a toe paint job and a fudgsicle! Also received A Homemade Life from the library and loving it!

amy @ switz~art said...

You finally got it! I was 20th in line and couldn't take it anymore! LOL!

Modern Crush said...

Sounds wonderful! I love that shot of your kitty Amy - great close up! Yay! 4th of July! I am drinking watermelon and rum... ahh America. It's a love hate relationship, but today its all love.

me melodia said...

I'm crazy about that golden mustard skirt and that awesome USB port.

Great finds.