Saturday, July 11, 2009

Superfine Saturday

Today is a day of weird weather: thunderstorms, rain, sun and wind. Mother Nature is having a difficult time making up her mind.

It's a day to make things...

Beaded necklaces and perhaps some bracelets?

Organize my paint brushes...

And I am super excited after reading Leya's post over at Curious Bird. I have dug out some vintage silky scarves that I have never worn to make some bead/knot necklaces.
Thank you for the project, Leya!

Other things I am diggin':
  • Seeing my American cousins and other family next weekend! Yay!
  • Drinking wine with American cousins! Yay!
  • Other blogs that rock my world:

Tiger Butter

Be sure to take the quiz: Who You Would You Rather Fight...a tiger with no front legs or 800 bullfrogs...I vote the tiger with no front legs)

me melodia

Melody is always finding the coolest pics and has sass to boot. Love it!

If The Lamp Shade Fits

Musings from Raina, who is transfixed with interior design. This post rocks!


Hilarious and a feast for the eyes...

Have a rockin' weekend!


1 comment:

Beth said...

You sure know how to make a rainy day sound like fun!