Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Not So Scary...

I am really diggin' denim-look leggings lately. Whom ever decided to design these is a freaking genius and probably had normal thighs, not ones of a flamingo.

Today, at an impromptu visit to the local mall, I tried on a pair of H&M skinnies in my size and it was ridiculous. No word of a lie, the pants would not go past my calf and they were a 10. Oh my.

Fall is coming and I love wearing long sweaters, but dislike the frumpiness of a long, bulky knit with say, wide leg pants. With that said, I purchased my second pair of dark denim-look full-length leggings from Aldo. The 1st pic below gives you an idea of what I am referring to, as the tights are not listed on the Aldo website. You can check out this blog post to see what they look like on a human bod. Styled super nicely, I might add!

Now these do scare me. Acid wash really needs to stay where it came from...the '80's. Ugh.


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Modern Crush said...

Ha cha cha - those look nice! Not the acid washed, those are not so nice. Like eww!