Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Trick and a Swap!

Ooooh, I am so excited as I have been matched by Georgia at Modern Crush and Erika with my Favourite Things Swap partner: Laura from Katy Diddys! Yay! This is my first swap ever, so I am rather stoked. I want to send a BIG shout-out to Georgia & Erika for all of their hardwork putting together this swap!

For today's trick, I will share some fab advice as offered to me by my grandparents. I should have shared this earlier, but had forgotten. This trick will save you from a gag-fest. Who wants those, right?

So, summer and garbage do not mix. At all. Now, we have a garbage box at the side of our house that is marvelous (and given to us by my grandparents! Thank you, grandparents!). It keeps pesky raccoons and other garbage-dwelling animals out. What it won't do is keep flies out and we all know that flies make maggots (barf!). Here's the trick: a box of moth balls. I bought one box of moth balls at the end of spring, opened it up, set it inside the garbage box and it's still goin' strong. No maggots to be seen.

Hope this helps!

Happy Sunday!


Laura Bray said...

I'm looking forward to swapping with you too!


Sounds exciting!
That mothball tip, I'd try...hate flies with a passion!!! grrr...


sonrie said...

we have to take the trash out nearly everyday and the same with the compost for our garden. I know what it's like when we don't and it's gross!!

Modern Crush said...

Hoooray! Both things here are awesome!! I need mothballs for my closet, I am getting little holes. We have a lot of silverfish - we live in an old house. Does moth balls work for silverfish too?

amy @ switz~art said...

Not too sure if mothballs work with silverfish...may have to Google that one! I know they like damp, dark areas like centipedes...we get both of those! Ewwww!

drollgirl said...

MAGGOTS!!! horror factor ELEVEN! i will die if i ever see even one maggot, so i better get on this tip, STAT!