Sunday, September 13, 2009

In Ma Hood

Went for a lil' drive with my boy today. Took out the ol' Mustang for a tour. Ate some yummy wontons and drank a beer. Oh, and a cappuccino.

Goodness knows these gorgeous days won't be in the cards forever.

Here's a taste of our turf and surrounding area...

There are a bunch of these street flags with St. Catharines famous faces on them.
I heart Linda Evangelista.
Marathons a la wine country!

What did you do this weekend?


Jeff said...

Great pics of wine country.

drollgirl said...

wontons and beer!!! now your talking! and i love your shots. and i wish i was there instead of at work!!!

sherri said...

wine country equals good times. and those shades you are sportin' equal good taste!


Nice trip darling...Linda E's hair in that banner looks like yours! ps: love your sunglasses ~xo*

Modern Crush said...

Fun! A Cappuccino, and a beer but no wine?? Hmmm... lol. This weekend I relaxed, crafted and made a trip to a brand new fabric store nearby. Boy, yesterday sure felt like fall was coming!! xo!

bananas. said...

those are some awesome pics of your hood. i'd definitely run for grapes anytime! that or wontons, beer and possibly a cappuccino.