Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I am still eating up all the fall is offering, but I am entering hibernation mode quick and steadily.  Why I would need another coat, is beyond me, but to me jackets (and handbags!) are like shoes.  I can never have too many.

I saw this simple number at Old Navy yesterday.  I eyed it up and thought it'd be swish with a pop of colour...a yellow or red scarf...hmmmm...

I can't tell you how much I am loving Kate Spade's new clothing line.  I was kinda thinking her stuff was getting a little stale and then...voila!

Elegant casual.

This outfit says "let's have 4 cosmos downtown at 2 in the afternoon...stat!"

I love this, but have you honestly put on a pair of yellow or mustard-coloured tights?
I have and it does not look like the pic above.  Mine look like jaundiced sticks.  Grrr.

What I believe I would see a la London, England.

Hoot, hoot!

A little Hepburn-ish.  Of the Audrey variety.

Oh, and TOAST.  I luuuurve TOAST and have promptly ordered their catalogue.  You should too.

*Wakey, wakey!*  I have now awoke from my fall clothing bliss. 

Can you believe it's September.  Almost the end of September?!  Holy crap. 

I have begun my autumnal decorating.  I don't do much, but Christmas and fall are my two decorating seasons.

Today, I made a healthy batch of cheddar potato & beer soup for the man for our 2nd anniversary.  Tonight we celebrate in-house, as my monkey is working his usual crazy-ass hours.  I want to thank everyone who posted a comment earlier!  You peeps are fantastic and make my day...every day! 

I am getting excited to make funky necklaces again!  And I am going to make my 2nd attempt at making some earrings for my BFF Lisa.  I instantly fell in love with the toggle clasps (above) and picked up a few more supplies yesterday (below).

I will hopefully be back to post a few things before the week is through.  The Nana is scheduled for her open heart surgery and I will be running the roads to make sure that my Grump is well cared for.  This is going to be a long road, but the best thing.  The Nana is a strong, tough cookie and we're behind her all the way.

Happy Tuesday, my lovelies!


Waxy said...

oooh - I seriously want that grey coat from Toast! YUM!

bananas. said...

it's most def fall now. i'm in full on hibernation mode. all i want to do is sleep and eat (cheddar potato & beer soup )...i'm grumpy and pissed. sucks man. but fall fashion always puts a smile on my face. i love the kate spade line. i can totally see you in all her pieces but that fur coat is MINE! LAY OFF! lol. kidding...kinda.

drollgirl said...

i am loving your fall pics!

and happy anniversary to you! i hope you both celebrated in style.

Modern Crush said...

Ok, I feel like I have so much to say regarding this post!!! The Old Navy jacket is awesome - Grey jackets are perfect for layering on color!! They go with just about every color of jean too. The Kate Spade line is awesome - I love it! I don't really follow her, but I am going to have another look. I hear you about the yellow tights - I dont think most leggies can pull them off, also I think you need the right skin tone all around. The a la London look is my favorite! And that HAIR. I wish I could cut mine that way without looking like a total doof, I will however keep these photos in mind for future reference regarding that hair. I am seeing a whole lot of that style around lately and I absolutely love it. What do you think about it?

September - I looked at my calendar today and was SHOCKED by the fact that it is almost October. Ugh, this time of year flys by so fast it is hard to keep up. I have yet to get my Fall decor out, however, I may do that tomorrow morning.

The soup looks amazing - and I do have a goal of trying my hand at homemade potato soup this season.. you inspire me woman.

Woo!! That was a lot, thank you for reading! XOXOXOXO!!