Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why Am I Famous?

I can think of a million people I would much rather hear about in the media. Am I wrong?

"Hi, I am Kendra Wilkinson and I am a Playboy Bunny! Wheeee! I left Hugh Hefner when I got lots of publicity and a TV show. Now my claim to fame is that an NFL-er knocked me up! Wheeeeee! I have told the world that I am having a boy, what his name is going to be and that I am horny all the time! Gotta go now, I am gonna make news eating all these pickles!!! Wheeee!"

"We're Jon and Kate Gosselin. Nice to meet you! You may know us because we exploit our eight kids on TLC's Jon & Kate + Eight! We'll never be photographed like this again because, as you know, we're having a very nasty, public divorce that we can make money off of!"
Okay, maybe I just gave these idiots press on my blog, but I'm just sayin'.
I'd like to see more news about do-gooders than gold-digging fame hos. No?


Modern Crush said...

Oh HELL YES, I love this post! Everything is true, with a cherry on top. Well said dear!

Waxy said...

Brilliant! I am so over hearing about these people - especially the knocked up former bunny...gag me!

bananas. said...

AMEN SISTER! GAWWWDD! why are these people famous?! but you're forgetting a few people...

heider and spencer
miley cyrus

they can all be shipped to mars and this world would be a better place.

amy @ switz~art said...

bananas: now, now don't get me going! i detest heidi and spencer!!! oh, and miley!

another post will soon be in the works! LOL!

me melodia said...

I'm such a celeb gossip slut.

amy @ switz~art said...

melody ~ me too, i just hate hearing about these shits. and heidi & spencer. i forgot about those assholes.

sherri said...

that is hilarious. that rednecky ex-bunny grates on my last nervle.
and jon and kate - regurgitate. luv your snarky side!