Monday, October 5, 2009

Hello, there!

Just another quick tired and trying to get stuff done.  I think I am getting a bug. 

We're hoping The Nana gets out of the hospital tomorrow or shortly thereafter.  No word yet.
She is now outfitted with a pacemaker and it's doing what it should.  Very thankful for that.
In fact, I am very grateful for our health care system.  So much to say about that, but I will leave that for another post.  Nurses, health care aides, cleaners,  My hats off to them.

I leave you with some pics taken around our house/property today.




Hope Nana continues to get better! are set for the season, the house is looking cozzzy-charming!!

only a movie said...

Glad to hear she's doing ok.
Hope your bug goes away. Definite bug here too. ick.

drollgirl said...

glad she is doing pretty well, and so sorry to hear you might be getting a bug! if you can, sleep 10 hours or so. sometimes i do that and it seems to fight away the bugs. that, or i am rationalizing in order to spend more time sleeping.

Modern Crush said...

I love the front Amy!! All the pumpkins! I desperately need more pumpkin action! Ohh I know I've said it before but I LOVE your house <3 Hope you are feeling better today dear friend xo