Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Ever since I have been laid-off, I have discovered many things.  What was an event that appeared to be a blow to the ego, turned into a miraculous time of self-exploration because it's something I never made time for in the past.  Before we moved, I was in a Human Resources role, where I took on people's problems like they were my own.  After four years of doing this, I was full of anxiety and sometimes anger.  Coming home after work is supposed to be comforting and it took me forever to deal with the emotions of the day.  After moving three hours away and starting a new job that brought no reward whatsoever, then being laid-off brought me to gratefulness.  But, it took me some time to realize it.... 

First off, I love my home.  I adored the house we left back in Prince Edward County, because it was small, cozy and it was our first house ever.  But I embrace this house in Grimsby.  I love it's old & new features and it's invitation to start a family.  I am a believer in spirit, perhaps not "ghosts", but that there is "something" that surrounds us.  I went to a channeller/spiritual advisor a while back and what she told me was that houses and places contain spirit...of the living and of the ones that have passed on.  This house has a welcoming atmosphere and I think that our visitors feel it too.

I am also grateful for family.  Although this move unfortunately distanced us from other close family members, I have to say that it meant the world to me to be close to Nana & Grump, especially when The Nana had her open heart surgery last September.  To be able to have the time and the ability to help out when I was needed was invaluable.

Careers are great and all and we all have to work at one point or another, but work does not necessarily define you, in my eyes.  After being consumed and allowing myself to be consumed by my job, I will move forward with a completely different outlook.  Having said that, I miss the employees I did help and they became like family but what I failed to do is put my well-being first and I will never let that go again.

Have a super happy hump day!


sherri said...

I love this post. And from what I've seen of your home, it is absolutely lovely, too! Happiest of hump days to you.

only a movie said...

I love this post too, Amy. You are right - a job shouldn't define you. I know that I am in the minority in that I love my job. It doesn't even feel like a job. But I also treat it as a job and not a career - when I come home, I try my best to focus on home and leave work at work.

Anyway - I also like how you said that your house was like an invitation to start a family. How cool!


Good for you darling!
I'm quite simple...I just want to be a house wife one day~~~
Love that batik fabric!!!

sulu-design said...

Amen, amen, amen! I'm so glad to hear that such wonderful realizations came from an unfortunate situation. It's coming up on three years for me from the day I decided to leave my teaching job (in which I was taking on other people's problems, just like you, and was unable to have a really fulfilling personal life because of it). I had no idea how amazing my life could be - slowing down, making something other than work my priority, and focusing on the people I love has been life altering in the best way possible. Thanks so much for sharing your experience in this post.

Modern Crush said...

Well said Amy, well said. After all, a house is just a house, but people make it a home.