Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Olympic Loveliness

I am usually a backseat lover of the Olympics, but since the Games are happenin' on my home turf (albeit on the other side of the country) I am feeling especially patriotic.  Of course, with all Olympic games comes the topic of outfitting.  Roots Canada had a good stint with dressing up our athletes, as they also did with the U.S. team, but the past few years have seen Hudson's Bay Company deck out our team.  I found the Beijing uniforms to be hideous at best...

(yeah.  um.  ick.  photo courtesy of Invoke Media)

HBC had an epic fail, no?

Perhaps, they smartened up, in my opinion, because this year they offered up truly Canadian goods.  I never buy Olympic wear, but this is one of two of my keepsakes...enter the wool team sweater (note: I have the cheaper version...the hand-knit sucker is CAD$350!)...

(Yummy found @ Fashion Monday with JJ Lee)

My 2nd keepsake comes in the form of yummy warm mittens, which Molly & Cecilia rather like...

Happy Hump Day!

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