Wednesday, March 24, 2010


My only birthday wish yesterday that did not come true was for the weather to cooperate.  Crappy, grey, icky damp weather that sends chills through your core.  However, I had a fab lunch with my Grandparental Units and my husband was not terribly late getting home from work so we could have a decent meal together. 

My husband always pays attention to the things I say, even when I am not sure if he is 100% listening.  For my birthday, he is starting me back into yoga.  We have passed by the yoga studio a few times and I think I have always said how much I loved the teacher, atmosphere and the fellow students.  So, back I go and I am stoked.

Maybe I'll get to the Scorpion pose someday!



Lady Ren said...

Enjoy your new yoga classes!

Modern Crush said...

Dude... maybe he can send my husband a memo...

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

What a good husband.

My boyfriend's work has changed...let me rephrase that, he got a new job with a new, wonderful work schedule + will be able to come with to Friday night yoga classes.

I hate to tell you that we got your perfect birthday weather yesterday. It was lovely so I'll say that I enjoyed it for you.