Wednesday, March 31, 2010


No more shopping for me!  Ya hear?
Gosh, spring makes me want to spend (more than usual!).

Even though I will no longer be purchasing anything (except a kettle...I need a new kettle), that certainly does not mean I regret my purchases. 
All carefully chosen, unlike my former self that made impulse buys.

I need to correspond the old-fashioned way...the method I prefer the best...a la post.  Of course, you have to have fantastic material to write upon...this is it:

Shona at laladexpress is a letterpress genius.  I love her imagination and her eye for colour & design...always have, always will.

You can guarantee I will be framing one of these fantastic gnome cards.

My love of Mexico & the Spanish language is wrapped up in this here postcard, also manufactured by Shona.  Who doesn't love a postcard?! 

For the laladexpress shop, please pop on over here.

For Shona's blog, swing on over here.

I had to return some H&M purchases today.  Their new t-shirts are VERY generous.  Normally, I buy a large there because I prefer roomy shirts to clingy shirts.  My penchant for food & beer make for an awesome muffin top and I don't want to inflict that on the general public.  So, I had picked up a few floaty shirts and they were too big.  Do you know how nice it is to buy an extra small top and you still have tons of room?  Sweet! 

Let's get back on track after my H&M return, I popped into a store called Stone Ridge, also known as Little Burgundy.  There sat this scarf and the print completely reminded me of  Built by Wendy.  No? 

I can't afford Built by Wendy, but I can afford $7.00!  Oh yes! 

Not digging the long threads, but they'll get a chop-chop tonight.

And we now interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post for your weekly dose of cute...

(I just wanna kiss her!)

(I did give her a little smooch and now she's awake and slightly pissed.)

(Hallway snoozing...)

(Those eyes & fly-away ears get me everytime.  Oh, my heart.)

And now for Kate Lanphear.  I freaking adore Kate Lanphear. 
For those who may not know, Ms. Lanphear is the senior style editor of US Elle magazine.

She mainly favours black (you'll never see a photo of her without black on) and I love her edgy look.  Oh, and that hair.  If I could pull off platinum (and believe me, I have tried....twice!), I would.

Happy Hump Day!
P.S.  For those of you that have expressed interest in the switz~art Etsy shop (and thank you for expressing me the cozies!), I am not up and running quite yet!  :-)  I will be sure to post the link and the link box to the left of the screen will then be functional.
Again, I really, really appreciate your support.  *Big smiles!*


drollgirl said...

love your pictures! and your purchases! and your animals!

i have recently shopped way too much. eke! it sure is exciting getting those packages and having new things. the less exciting/fun part is PARTING WITH THE MONEY. wah.

Modern Crush said...

Love it all! Especially le kitty. I am so excited for your shop! Weee!

only a movie said...

I love Shona's work. Having a tough time reining in the spring shopping here too...

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Going to skip that lottery ticket (with our high sales tax the state already gets enough of my moola) but I did make some replacement purchases, a new cutting board + I finally bought a fabric shower curtain liner because I have to break away from the $1.00 PVC toxic liners (no intervention needed).

And as for your purchase, oh, believe me, it will come with extra goodies.

Thanks for everything!

bananas. said...

"food & beer make for an awesome muffin top" = story of my life.


your fur babies = melt my heart <3

kate = fuckin genius!

YOU = ROCK!!! :)

Lady Ren said...

Great cards. Love the scarf very cool. I can see how the strings would be annoying. Have a great day!