Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Colour

My house has a smell.  Not a bad smell at all, a spring/summer smell.  It's super hard to describe, but it borders on a fresh odour and it has nothing to do with the fact that I have had the windows open either.  Quite neat, actually.

I am in the mood for some colour!  Bring it on!

Since yellow is a colour I simply cannot wear near my face (unless I want that sexy jaundiced look), I need to incorporate hits of it here and there if I want to wear it. 

I have always wanted a pair of sulu-design earrings!  I have been eyeing up a few pairs, but these were perfect.  And they're Bakelite to boot.  Susan makes such streamlined ear & neck masterpieces and she has such an eye for colour.  I am always a keener for her original intent postings on her blog!  Please be sure to check her awesome jewels!

I made another purchase over at Dalena Vintage on
It's a 1960's vintage cream faux alligator handbag.  I need want a cream coloured bag for the spring/summer.  I like something that matches everything, is structured and I am all for vintage.  Any day of the week.

After the excitement of my purchases and an early birthday gift arriving from my best friend (gosh, I love parcels in the mail!) I am also thrilled to take part in a spring swap that's happening over at 1017.  It was almost time for one...I missed Sherri's music swap.  Grrr. 

What's making you happy?



bananas. said...

OOOOOHHHH AAHHHHH!!! i really like the bag you scored on etsy. what a great find! vintage is so chic. pretty much love it all.


Great buy Amy!
perfect for spring & summer...
I'm happy cos i can smell weekend very soon~wooHoo* Plus,both our Birthdays r coming up...get ready!

sulu-design said...

What's making me happy?!? Sweet posts like this! Thanks for the shout out, Amy, and enjoy the new earrings.

sonrie said...

for sure the swap is making me happy...thinking of a million things that would be fitting... :) I can open the windows in the day but at night it's still cold. Waiting for warmth enough to wear shorts.

sherri said...

cool earrings, great bag! sorry you missed the cd swap, it is almost time for the annual spring swap, I've been contemplating when to do one this year.