Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wearing a Garden

Thank goodness my wearing all black days are over. 

I wanna eat this H&M Garden Collection up! 

I need to go back and see this red jacket in the flesh.  Very nice.

I bought this long floral top above.  Super comfy.

What's more?  All pieces in the Garden Collection are environmentally-conscious.  Materials such as organic cotton & linen and recycled polyester were used to make these pieces.  Stellar. 

And the prices? 

Super affordable.


drollgirl said...

GASP!!! these are SO CUTE!!! i want! i need!!!


I'm loving the florals...especially mini floral prints~*

bananas. said...

H&M is the BEST! it really is. i rarely feel guilty shopping there. and speaking of shopping, i need to hit that place up with the quickness. mmkay!

Modern Crush said...

H&M is my absolute FAVE. Wonderful picks.