Monday, May 17, 2010

Spring Projects

This weekend Trev and I finally put up the dragonfly hanging that my Dad and step-mama Carol made me for Christmas...

Carol and I had seen a rusty-styled version of this at the 2009 Christmas One of a Kind Craft Show in Toronto and Dad whipped up his own creation, which is way better!

It's created out of wood (the frame) and anodized aluminum.  Trev and I fastened this on the outside of our front porch with cable, crimps, two heavy duty hooks at the top and two concrete screws/washers on the bottom.  We get quite a bit of wind whipping through this side of the house, so it needed to be solid.   The hanging also provides a bit of privacy while sitting out on the Adirondack chairs.

Our swallows are back and have a project of their own...their nest.  They have taken up residence to the left of the hanging on the porch (you'll see it in the 1st photo). 

I anticipate their arrival every year.  So pretty to watch and I dig that they eat bugs.  Eat 'em all up! 

What did you do this weekend?



Lady Ren said...

Amy I love the dragonfly frame art! So fantastic!
I love the words around the frame too!

Anonymous said...

Amy, it looks sooo nice! What is the blue part made of?
It's just lovely, especially next to that beautiful lantern light!
Oh jow you make me wish for a porch!

amy @ switz~art said...

Thanks, ladies!

Barbara, the blue part is anodized aluminum and the dragonflies were routered Dad's work has a machine that does such a thing! Neat, eh?

only a movie said...

'Be nice or Leave' - I need to put that in my classroom. Awesome.

leya said...

Love the dragonfly frame. Very nice indeed!