Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's Swell!

First of all, I want to thank you all so, so much for the wonderful well wishes for our little bambino! 
That means so much!  I am a slightly curious (read: fearful!) of labour and raising our kid to the best of our abilities, but I know within that all will be good.  We have tons of love and have such a good life to give this kidlet.  Oh, and the support!  We couldn't ask for better family and friends to help welcome our babes into the world!

Trev and I decided to do a photo shoot when I am good and round (I am starting to show a tad...the food baby doesn't count!  Haha!).  So, I located local award-winning photographer, Sheryl Nadler, to snap a shoot in September.  What's even more awesome, is that we're going to include our dog, Cecilia, because she's our family too!  The cat, however, will have to stay home...she's not big on travelling in the car and going to strange locales!  ;-)

Sheryl is hilarious and incredibly most photographers are and should be. 

For a look at her other portfolios, please go here.  P.S.  I love the names...Cocoon, Swoon...:-)

Oh, also the editorial photos Sheryl has snapped are pretty fab too.  For those, please visit here.

Before I loaf around the house on this dreary Sunday...I wanted to show this cute, yet simple silver jewellery that is made in nearby Toronto by Kate Singer: Marmalade Designs:

Bright, cheery jewellery on a rainy, icky day?  Perfect!

I hope the sun is a-shinin' in your neck of the woods!



Lady Ren said...

totally great- Glad you are feeling well.

only a movie said...

Congrats again and what a fabulous idea for a photo shoot...

The jewelry is so sweet.

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

you will cherish those photos forever.

breeze is a-blowin, all the windows are open + it's finally dipped below 90 degrees!

sherri said...

those necklaces and that ring are super sweet! I never had my picture taken professionally when I was preggo. Perhaps b/c I was too busy eating everything that wasn't nailed down. You will be a one cute preggo lady, good idea to capture it! :)

sulu-design said...

So cool - those are great shots on her site. I'm sure you'll come away with some photos you'll cherish forever.