Sunday, August 1, 2010


Please meet Wuf. 

Wuf was born when I was a toddler and his "maker" (I watch too much True Blood, I think!) is my awesome Mum. 

Photos of a new, squeaky clean Wuf!

Like most kid toys, Wuf had some schmutz on him that had sadly collected over the years.  How Wuf made the cut to my thirties, is beyond me, but I am really happy that he did.  Wuf is a hand puppet made from fun fur and corduroy and he recently underwent some Wuf surgery.  It's kinda weird, because I decided to resurrect Wuf just before I found out I was pregnant.  A sign?  Maybe, but he was l-o-n-g overdue for an overhaul.  Wuf received a visit to the washing machine, "WUF" restitched into his brown corduroy collar (I know, it's a hack job, but I am not super at it!) and a major restoration to his mouth and where his ears attach to his head.

I think Wuf deserves his own blog post because he's made it through 33 years of love and abuse.  I hope my daughter loves him as much I do!  Thanks, Mum, for bringing Wuf to us!

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