Friday, October 8, 2010


I came across this handbag maker, Batavia Handmade Design, at our local Winona Peach Festival back in August.  I have yet to buy anything from this designer (the talented Sil Frebian!), but tomorrow she is at another local show and I am going because I need to look again.  I am hooked on her eco-friendly designs...anything upcycled/recycled is tops in my books.  And the colours are...well, delish!  And there is nothing like supporting a local artist!  I'll let you know if I make a purchase!  Tee hee.

To my Canadian peeps, please have a safe and very happy Thanksgiving weekend.  I am very thankful that maternity pants make good "turkey" pants!  ;-)



sherri said...

oooh that looks great - her stuff looks really cool, great colors, I agree. hope your weekend is wonderful!

sulu-design said...

Good to see you back here. Looks like you'd taken a blog-writing break just as I'd taken a blog-reading break.

I hope you're feeling well as the weeks count down. And I'm glad to hear the maternity pants tip. I wonder if I could pull the look off at Thanksgiving in the US next month.