Saturday, October 29, 2011

Turn Up The Heat!

So, first of all...THANK YOU!  Thank you to those of you who are new to my blog.  Sure nice having you here!  I am humbled...

Now that I have jumped on my blog (um, it's been a little while, eh?) I think I need to have some more Polyvore fun.  So addictive.  Have you tried it yet?

Autumn is in full swing here in Southern Ontario (Canada).  It's getting chilly and I have had to give in to turning on the gas fireplace from time to time.  I always classify this as silly season because you really need to layer it up.  I also find that because I am still a breastfeeding mama that my hormones make my body temperature soar.  Is this what menopause feels like?  Holy frig.

Anyhoo, I don't know about you, but I adore fall layers.  Knits, coats, fuzzy stuff.  I also love corduroy, probably way too much.  I am also partial to hibernating and making stuff.  Here's a small taste of my recent creating session:

(Have you been introduced to P.S. - I made this?  If not, get cracking!  Buy or take the book out from your local library.  I have check it out 4 times now.  I am almost certain I know every project by heart now!  The t-shirt fringe scarf...shown one project.  Made in minutes and simply divine: the bottom half of a t-shirt, slice the cut end, pull individual pieces and....voila!)

(Ceramic necklace made from upcycled ceramin pieces.  I wish I could remember the artist who made the pendant to give them credit!  Sorry!)

(The Lakeshore necklace made of stone and lava rock.)

(My bestie, Lis, has asked me in the past to make earrings.  Here is my 2nd attempt.  I think I am actually enjoying the process now.  Thanks, Lis!)

What are you making lately?


sonrie said...

i love your new jewelry! making things is always fun.

Cameele Zaballero said...

I love fall layers too! :) Anyway, that tshirt fringe scarf is amazing! *looking for scissors now* lol. Im inspired. I'll try to make one for me :)))

Blöde Kuh said...

this necklace is beautiful! have fun with it! :))

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

how the heck are you!? I need to catch up- how is mamahood?
I'm such a bad blogger I have not seen your latest posts- I'll be a better blog friend from now on!

Location longue durée said...

NIce post !