Thursday, December 1, 2011

It Was A Good Run

I am a little sad...

...for years now, I have been requesting gorgeous Toast UK catalogues and they are no longer shipping them overseas.  Probably because of people like me: people who pore over every page but, alas, never purchase anything.  I would if I didn't see the price in pounds, knowing it's double in Canadian funds.  Ouch!  Anyhoo, I am happy to say that I have saved every copy and there is the online catalogue, but it is awfully nice to have that paper catalogue to hold, cherish and keep forever, isn't it?  ;-) 

Thanks for the run, Toast!  xo


coffeeaddict said...

I've been drooling over their stuff for two years now, ever since I stumbled upon their web site.
The prices are always a bit shocking, but if everything they claim is true, I'd me more than willing to plunk down the 300 pounds for a silk velvet dressing gown.

Amy said...

Me too! Every page is a feast for the eyes! Whoever styles their looks does a fabulous job!

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