Sunday, November 9, 2008


So, I have attempted to try blogging several times and would pass it off for a multitude of different reasons. But, these are the reasons that I should:

  • Journalling relieves stress.

  • It's important to keep family/your peeps informed.

  • It's a great way to post ideas and cool stuff.

  • Let's face's kinda fun.

Lately, I am in Christmas mode. And if you know me, you may find this peculiar, as I don't typically decorate. Trev and I have travelled for the past 6 years and now have the ability to host Christmas in our own house, so Christmas has a sense of excitement now. For both of us! This week's agenda includes purchasing a tree and other tree paraphanelia and some door decorations. I am really digging those rusty-looking stars and think I will pick up 2 for each of the front doors:

I already have large bright bows on every light sconce/light post on the outside front of our home.

We have winterized and it's kind of sad. The Adirondack chairs, the lawnmower and the patio set were locked in the car trailer. The gardens look barren, except for the shards of pumpkin that I threw on there for fertilizer. But, the season of good cheer is almost upon us and I really can't wait for it!

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