Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Celebration of Colour ~ Purple Tuesday

Tuesday is quickly coming to a close and I will share with you some snaps I found around the pad of things that are purple. As noted in previous posts, I am participating in Curious Bird's colour week! We're only in to day two and it's a blast! Please be sure to check out Curious Bird to see the posts of other participants! Very cool!

An ode to purple...

As for life updates, my Nana & Grump sold their house yesterday...within days! Nana & Grump are moving into St. Elizabeth's village, where they have put a deposit on a flat that they love. I will admit, I am a little sad to see the house sold, but they are in a fabulous gated community where they will be living amongst their dear friends. To top it off, I feel at ease knowing that the strenuous tasks (house upkeep, lawn care and snow removal) will all be taken care of. Everything is within arm's reach for my grandparents and this, as my Nana and Martha Stewart would say, is a good thing. And it is.
Only a week and a half until the Dominican and I simply cannot wait. I printed off the e-tickets and the medical insurance today, so we're a go! Not particularly looking forward to the flight. I am not the worst flyer, but after our last flight coming back from Puerto Vallarta, I am pretty nervous. Nothing Gravol or a few drinks can't fix, I am sure.
Trev is in Windsor tonight, so it's just myself, the dog and the cat. We'll hunker down to a fresh salad and perhaps a movie. It's mighty cold out there and the wind is wailing away. I will be thankful to see spring make its appearance.
Keep warm and please make a visit to Curious Bird to check out Leya's snaps of the week and all of the other fab people who are joining in something pretty fun.
Until tomorrow...


bettyninja said...

Nice shots- today's was the hardest color for me!

leah said...

That fish is rather amazing! I love it.

Author said...

Pretty snaps & cool site :)

Joyeux colour week!!

its*hezzy said...

Ahh... the fish from the store... I love Purple Tuesday even more just for that shot!