Sunday, January 11, 2009

Inspired & Motivated...

After 7 (count '!) years of attempting, thinking and contemplating yoga and meditation, I am officially beginning.

I am starting with a free course in Raja Yoga Meditation at this wonderful studio, right around the corner. I will start on the 21st and then begin Level 1-2 yoga after returning from our trip. I cannot wait.

And I need this. Probably more than ever. Since I have a history of panic, anxiety and even depression, I believe that this is will be one of the most crucial changes to helping me cope. I will use this blog to document my progress.

Is anybody out there starting something new? Tell me what you're up to!



Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Here in the US we have Hot Yoga(Bikram yoga) classes- yoga in very hot rooms + it's soooo wonderful. I generally go with friends (who drive) one day a week to the big city (Nashville, Tennessee) to take a class, but next month they are offering it at a studio walking distance from my house.

Besides all the stress relieving benefits of yoga, the thing I love is that it does not bulk you up- long, lean muscles.

Yoga is wonderful, it's a good thing to take up for the new year.

Nicola said...

Good luck with the yoga, you will love it. I have been doing it on and off for about years. In fact my new years resolution is to make sure I do at least 10mins a day, no matter what. It always leaves me so centred.