Monday, January 19, 2009

Tacos & An Upcoming Giveaway!

There is nothing, to me, like a meal of tacos. I really think it's up there with the world's most perfect food. I can easily eat 4 in one sitting...that's how much I love them. Delightful.
Now, I go for the standard Old El Paso at home, but I really love authentic. Both my sister-in-law and I and also my husband and I have been to this fantastic Mexican restaurant over the river in Niagara Falls, New York. If you're there, please go! It's cheap and amazingly delicious!
Now onto the GIVEAWAY!
Here's the deal. My hubby and I are off to the Dominican this coming Saturday. During the week (from Saturday, January 24th through to Saturday, January 31st), please comment on this post. I will then put your names in a draw for a giveaway.
What is it, you ask?
Hmmm...well, it will be something I have made and something you can wear around your adornment of sorts. I am sure you have guessed it, you smart peeps! But until Friday, January 23rd, you will not know what it looks like! I will post a pic then and the comments can begin! Remember, if you don't post, you can't win!
Happy Monday!


Little Miss Evie said...

Ok....I'm posting for the secret giveaway!! You talked me into it. I love a mystery!!! Please don't let my distaste for mexican food skew the contest ;) Maybe it's because as a kid it's all I ate when I would visit my dad in south Texas. (there is only so much breakfast burrito's one 9 year old can eat before she starts begging for peanut butter in the AM!)

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

mmmmmmmm Mexican food.
Have a good vacation.
mmmmmmmm Mexican food.

sophie said...

Taco's are really good, one of the small number of meals everyone in this house enjoys.

Please put my name in the hat for the prize...sounds exciting!

Anonymous said...

i heart tacos too...yum! my favorite taco spot is a place in atlanta called taqueria del sol (friend chicken taco with jalapeno mayo, lettuce, and tomato).

what a fun idea to do a secret giveaway- throw my name in! would love to have one of your crafty creations.

p.s. just noticed you added my blog to your list of blogs you love- i appreciate that very much--it made my day:)

lucyswitzer said...

Okay I'm this open to family :)))
As you know your D and I love tacos...would love to visit Niagara Falls NY to check out the mexican restaurant!!
Better still about now I'd like tacos in the sunny south!!!

auntie m said...

A Mexican restaurant I didn't know about? And on the American side. I'll have to try it. Please throw my name in your hat also. Hope you have a great vacation.