Wednesday, April 15, 2009


"When that kid comes out, she's not calling me Grandpa!"

This is along the lines of what my grandfather said to my mum when she was pregnant with me, his first grandchild.

And he became...

Grump. Grump Smith.

My Grump turns 78 today. Well, not actually today, but tomorrow (the 16th).
I love you, Grump. You are a true gentleman, a kind soul and one of the only pillars of honesty that I know. There are not alot of people like you and I am beyond honoured to have you as my Grump. And despite your name, you're not really grumpy at all!
So, here's to many more Ti-Cats games, sticky-up haircuts and the eating of duff.
Happy Birthday, Grumpy.

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