Sunday, April 19, 2009

A New Page...

It is Sunday night and ususally my stomach is twisting and turning with the thoughts of a long work week ahead. However, I am laid-off my job and have been since the end of business day last Thursday. And I am relatively okay with this new turn of events. I kind of knew it was coming and it's rather a blessing.
Why is it a blessing? Because it's really not all that bad in my husband and I's situation. And, I can accomplish things I really needed to get done. Oh, and gardening. I can get my of gardening done....ahhhh! There are other tasks to be completed, too, and I am so ready for this.
We had a fabulous weekend. It started out with an overnight visit from my Dad and Carol. As Dad and Carol were leaving on Saturday at noon, our good friends Donna and Craig came to stay with us for the night. We had a great time travelling to this vineyard (my all-time favourite and they were completely sold out of their '07 Riesling...eeeks!), and this winery. Oh, and this "great" winery, too!
I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as the mister and I did! I will definitely be back on here more often! I have lots to share and lots of time in which to post! *wink*

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