Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Today it's raining in the Grimz and that's okay, because I have lots to do inside. Before I get the rest of our taxes done, I thought I would do something fun first.

This stool has been sitting in le studio, waiting for some love.
It's been slightly beaten up and I was super tired of the blue colour.

I painted the legs black, added some cotton filler and covered it
with a vintage shirt that no longer fit me.
My next project was to repaint this awesome jewellery stand.
Insert story here:
I worked for this amazing store called Kre-a-shunz when I was in college. It was owned by the wonderful Heather Marchiori and I still cannot thank her enough for
the opportunity to work there. Heather has such an amazing eye for pottery, giftware...everything. This stand held some gorgeous pewter necklaces and when Heather decided to close the store to start her family, I bought this fixture. It has seen a few paint jobs in the past...all crazy colours...

Until now...black is perfect, especially as a background for the wacky jewellery
I put on it! *wink*

And of course, I had a supervisor....

Now off to do taxes...


sonrie said...

i especially like the stool. looks comfy now!

Anonymous said...

Hey... thanks for the shout-out. I remember the crazy girl with the red hair and crazy energy that came with a resume that looked like a newspaper "The Switzer Times" - I still have a copy! I still can't believe that it was over 10 years ago that we opened. I loved having you work there! So many good times!

amy @ switz~art said...

sonrie... thank you! the stool is super comfy now! no hard surface or splinters in the behind! LOL!

miss heather...time sure flies! i cannot believe you still have a copy! that's crazy! i still wish i had crazy energy...it's still there...just a little subdued these days!
miss you!

Ashely said...

Haha, thanks for the comment! The stool looks so great!!

sherri said...

consider yourself tagged. at my place. scroll down - post before the backfat one. yes, I said backfat.

Modern Crush said...

Your supervisor looks strict;) I love that cat!