Friday, May 8, 2009

OMG! Where Have I Been?!

I have not blogged in a week! Goodness! Well, I have lots to share with you and will be back on Monday with more blog loveliness, I promise!

Here are some things, in photos, that I have been up to lately:

I found the book I have always wanted for $6.99! I also love the site...please visit.

I have been gardening quite a bit...

My Nana gave me her art supplies and these vintage art books before "the move"...

...while I was looking through them I found these drawings I did 20 years ago!
Trev and I decided to tackle our back deck. There was a wall of plastic lattice that was having a hard time withstanding the crazy wind we get here and well, it was plain ugly.

This was the final result:

I hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful spring weather! Happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

I just ordered that book! Do you like it?
Is it pretty helpful?
Your deck looks lovely by the way!

sonrie said...

nice work on the deck! is that your greenhouse? i too love working in the garden :)

amy @ switz~art said...

Thanks, girls!
Unfortunately, that is the neighbours greenhouse and they have more in the back! It's lovely!

Modern Crush said...

I want a greenhouse as a next door neighbor!! No fair!