Friday, May 1, 2009

Quiet Friday

Usually Friday's are exciting and thrilling, but I guess when I've have had two weeks to myself and I'm nursing a sore neck/upper back, I'm just kinda "engh". So, I will post a few pics in the absence of a long story of words today...

Cecilia got a good ol' scratching from her Dad... Trev works an awful lot, so Cecilia really enjoys her time with him. She is also pretty excited to go to the vet tomorrow. No, really, she is!

Kinda's really Trev's toe, but it appears as if Cec's tongue is partially sticking out! :-P

The Molly Cat. She was supervising the dinner activity. She is always supervising.

Whilst making dinner, I spotted 6 deer out in the field in front of our house. We had just spotted a coyote out there an hour earlier. I hope Mr. Coyote and his pack were not skulking in the bushes waiting for the deer! Eeeks!

On the phone with my step-mama, Carol, she told me about Chiweenies.

Oh, yes...

Chihuahua/Dachshund crosses.

When I did a Google image search, Mr. Roscoe came up.

Oh my goodness.

Oh my heart!

He actually reminds me of a small version of my 6 year old, Cecilia.

Happy weekend my lovelies...



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Modern Crush said...

ooohhh those kitty eyes...