Thursday, May 28, 2009


So, I am sitting with Trev at the kitchen island writing out our list of stuff we need for the weekend. We're off to my brother's wedding tomorrow in Peterborough and returning to Grimsby the same night, as Trev is on-call with work and we have company arriving on Saturday.

Almost every month and a half to two months we get together with our former colleagues from the company we worked for in Belleville. Leanne and Kevin shared the same HR "closet" as me and Trev worked in the Engineering group. Trev now works with Leanne's hubby, Marty, who knew we wanted to relocate to the Hamilton-Niagara region and recommended Trev's current job to him. Kevin's creative and lovely girl, Jodi, will be also be making the travel to our place! Our goal is simple...have a great time, get caught up, have a few beverages and eat, eat, eat!

This visit is especially important, as Leanne will be having her first child in June and it will probably be a little while before I see her next time. I am so thrilled for both her and Marty!

So, anyhoo, back to the list. One thing I had written down was napkin rings, because I do not have 6 rings and I bought these awesome napkins. I quickly scratched them off the pad and made my own out of wire and beads to match:

Also on the list:
  • buy groceries for the weekend, especially the ingredients for Burg's French Toast out of this fabulous book
  • pick up beer & wine (but of course!)
  • Trev requires a hair cut
  • take back purse I bought today that I really don't love
  • pick-up dessert of some sort at the Sweet Paradise Bakery

Things I am super excited for:

  • my Nana is sprung from the hospital tomorrow after experiencing chest pain...she has been in there all week and I was so relieved so see her looking so good today. I really love my Nana...
  • seeing Kari's wedding dress! (I will be sure to post pics!)
  • hanging out with my family
  • experiencing Carol's beautiful wedding cake. My step-mama makes a mean cake! She puts pro cake makers to shame.
  • seeing our friends and sharing laughs
  • wearing this tres vintage ensemble
I hope you all have an excellent weekend and I will be back with lotsa goodies on Monday!


Modern Crush said...

I am getting excited for you just reading your lists - sounds like nothing but fun!! Yes, do post pictures, I want to see that dress:) Have a blast Amy!!! xo


Great table setting!
So Glad your Nana is feeling better now... Fab weekend!