Monday, June 1, 2009


I have been a little quiet on here the past week, except for the day I posted three or four quotes! :-) Anyways, we had a super busy weekend with Nick (my brother) and Kari's (my new sister-in-law!)'s wedding and a visit with good friends. My Nana is still in the hospital and tomorrow will hopefully be the day she comes home. Being in a hospital is no fun, especially when what she is doing now is waiting for test results.
I will be back tomorrow, as I changed another handbag and I have wedding pics and such to share with you!
I leave you with the beautiful things I love from Anthropologie. Why is that place so darn expensive? *sigh*
Nighty night,

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Charlotte said...

I love anthropologie! Glad to be guest blogging with you this weekend.