Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blog & Dash

On the run around here today. The weatherman is indicating that it's supposed to rain for a few days, so I am doing any errands today and soaking in the beautiful weather.

My Tom's shoes came today in a box mauled by good ol' Customs! Can't say that they are not doing their job. Anyways, I love them and I love that a child in need will be wearing a pair, too.

Tonight is my 2nd yoga class and I am excited! I loved my 1st class last Thursday. In between classes and when I am not gardening (which sometimes feels like a yoga class!), I think I will pop in my yoga DVD and enhance the workout....

Just some stuff I am lovin' on lately:

Happy Tuesday!



blondie-lox said...

oh. im lovin' the shoes!! i was thinking about ordering a pair for my hub for father's day... give us a review! please. :)

Beth said...

I'd like to try out that Diana camera. Sounds rather cool. Can you even buy film still? All I ever see are the disposable cameras but not rolls of film.

Have fun with those rain days.

amy @ switz~art said...

beth! ~ i rarely see film either! i heard from a photographer friend of mine that the diana camera uses pricey, hard-to-find film too... not sure if that's the case...i will investigate! :-)