Tuesday, June 16, 2009

TOMS Review...Upon Request!

In my previous post, I featured my new purchase of TOMS shoes. As per a request (a good ol' shout-out to blondie-lox!), I will provide my official TOMS review!

I wore them for an afternoon, in which I ventured around a grocery and department store:



  • Made in China - I didn't exactly look this up before purchasing, but I am really a supporter of locally made, or even continentally made goods. I was a little surprised by this. I also like to support other countries, but only when I know that the money is also contributing to say a village that is trying to sustain themselves.
  • Upon first wear, there was a bit of a rub on the top of my foot, but was no longer a hinderance after a bit of wear.

Hope the review helps!

I leave you with a pic that popped up in my e-mail inbox from the lovely Anthropologie. If I had millions, I think this is the first place I would go.

Until tomorrow...



Modern Crush said...

Love the new Toms! Anthro is my very favorite store ever:)

Modern Crush said...

Yah - im not thrilled they are made in china either. I wish they would move their operation honestly

blondie-lox said...

hmmm. thanks for the review. helpful. glad to hear about the arch supports - they look like they'd be sans support. the china thing.. surprised. the donation aspect.. great. the look.. great. hmmm. i guess you ordered them on-line?

amy @ switz~art said...

I was really surprised that they were made in China...super odd! That's not the impression I had, but then I honestly didn't research it either...I just assumed.

sherri said...

good to know! thanks for the review!

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Earth shoes are also made in China. I to was surprised, but read on their web site that they are being socially responsible, paying a fair wage + providing support to the community. I think I'm OK with that.