Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Evolution of a Plate of Tacos & Other Fine Things

I freaking love tacos. I always somehow forget they are up there in my list of favourite foods.

I made them tonight...

This is funny: Our dog sleeps on our bed (I know, I know, it's bad but what can you do?) and our bedroom is located in the opposite end of the house, upstairs. I can open the fridge and only softly crinkle the cheese wrapper and this is what happens:

Cecilia is thinking: "Nom, nom, nom!"

I apologize for the state of the photos in my next set of photos. A plan for a neck & bust is in the works, so that I can properly display my work. The best I could do today was the top of the radiator with the old glass piece that my cat sits/sleeps on.

I am shipping this creation off to Rebekah tomorrow.

And this is making a journey to California to Georgia of Modern Crush! Yay!

Tonight I will complete the red hot chili pepper neckpiece for my awesome Aunt Kerry. (BTW, Kerry, I just linked your blog, so you need to post on it now! Bahaha!). I also have some other neat pieces floating in my brain.

On a recent tour of Etsy, I saw this. I adore it. Imagine what you could wear it with! Oh and I found this (what a statement!) and this designer. I know I have said it before and I'll say it again...I am just astounded by the talent in the world.

I get these e-mails from Hayden-Harnett that I am rather fond of. H-H makes such kitschy, well-made goods.

Night all,



blondie-lox said...

holy shit that belt is hilarious!!! & your dog.... OMG!!!! cute cute cute cute cute!!!

Modern Crush said...

Ohh Amy I am beyond excited!! Thank you so so so much!

me melodia said...

I love me some tacos.
I'd be nice if we could share a few over wine. ;)