Thursday, June 18, 2009

I love you, Sally Hershberger...

On my outing to the post office today, I stopped by good ol' Shoppers Drug Mart for some conditioner, oh and some minty organic lip balm. I always need lip balm. So, I pick up the L'Oreal conditioner, but then I see it on the shelf: Sally Hershberger. I had seen in my fashion/beauty mags that Sally Hershberger now has an affordable line of hair products but had completely forgotten about it. Until now!

I picked up this conditioner and I have to say it is pretty awesome. I also picked up this styling product. Yowza. If you have layers, and most of us do, it will produce "the shag" with a spritz and a zap of the blow dryer. I have a ton of hair, like, I-need-it-cut-every-3-to-4-weeks-and-no-more thick. Another bonus? Sally provides styling tips, free, on-line according to which styling product you buy.
I have tried a lot of hair products from the $30 Alterna Caviar shampoo to Aveda (that dries my hair out, no matter what the product) to the $1.99 special. I think I may just have my answer. So, instead of the $500+ per haircut Sally charges, I can get the look for less than $20.
That is why I love Sally Hershberger.

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